Madrid, 15th September 2020

ASIMOB has been selected by the Technical Committee of the 6th edition of the Smart City congress to publish an article in the ‘Libro de Comunicaciones’. A copy of this book was handed to all the participants of the congress, and then was published as a Digital Article on-line in the ESMARTCITY website.

See article (Spanish)

In this congress, different issues related to Smart Cities and Territories are discussed, and stress is made on the use of technology and innovation to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

VI Congreso de Ciudades Inteligentes

Within this context, and taking in account that currently the traffic signage is being managed and maintained manually (a meticulous and labour-intensive task), ASIMOB suggests an automated method to generate inventories and regularly checking them, by using IoT and Computer Vision technology on videos and data gathered form lightweight devices on-board vehicles.