Since June 2023, ASIMOB has been collaborating with the Innovation department of AUTOPISTAS, an ABERTIS company, with the aim of evaluating the incorporation of new Artificial Intelligence solutions for infrastructure monitoring from the vehicles that circulate on the road.

The Autonomous Road Inspector fits into the daily operations of highway inspectors under concession, as it facilitates a proactive inspection and improves the detection and evaluation of defects in traffic signals, road markings, protection barriers, pavement, lighting systems, facilitates an intensive prevention in work zones, allows analysis of the state of elements after the passage of special transport vehicles… and a multitude of features that will emerge in the future.

In our website for References you can see the conference in which AUTOPISTAS explains our service.

ABERTIS is one of the international reference operators in the management of high capacity and quality toll roads, with close to 8,000 kilometers of roads, in 15 countries in Europe, America and Asia. AUTOPISTAS is the Abertis group company that manages the highways under concession in Spain. Its concessions include more than 560 km of high-capacity roads, in sections of the AP-51, AP-6, AP-61, AP-68, AP-71 and C-32 roads.

The objective of AUTOPISTAS, an ABERTIS company, is to improve road safety and offer an increasingly better service to road users, which is why its ability to test new technologies and applications that allow significant progress towards smarter and, therefore, safer roads is especially important.