La Gomera is one of the most beautiful islands in Spain. As the Government of the Canary Islands itself advertises, the natural spaces of La Gomera are the very essence of the island. Endless trails, vertiginous viewpoints and charming hamlets in a privileged natural environment can dot the island for the enjoyment of nature lovers. The car is necessary to reach all these corners and, although the weather is always good, the roads are narrow and winding.

La Gomera council was clear about the need to better understand the state of its roads. To do this, they wanted to obtain data that would allow them to analyze their state of conservation, but that would also allow them to detect elements that could be improved in the field of Road Safety. They contracted the service to the company PROSEÑAL, given its experience in development, design, manufacturing and marketing of products and services aimed at the road signage, conservation and maintenance market, and PROSEÑAL trusted ASIMOB to take the leap into the digital field.

ASIMOB’s project in La Gomera has been very rewarding. With only two and a half days of recording, all the raw data of the island were obtained; the application of Computer Vision technologies and data analytics made it possible to have:

  • the geometric data of the roads: slope, radius of curvature and lane width,
  • the inventory of traffic signs with detection of defects,
  • the inventory of road markings with detection of defects,
  • the inventory of protective barriers and
  • the detection of defects in the pavement.

Furthermore, thanks to the combination of those data, information on potentially dangerous points can be immediately obtained, such as closed curves with poor visibility, narrow lanes, large slopes and cambers, and unsuitable protections or road markings.

Beyond the immediate benefit for the island, this project demonstrates that today the Public Administrations can obtain very valuable information immediately and at a much lower cost than the old monitoring and road inspections.