ASIMOB monitors the roads of three highways in Sao Paulo through Artificial Intelligence

ASIMOB is monitoring the condition of traffic signals, road markings and the detection of the status of the pavement of three highways under concession to the company Ecorodovias in the region of Sao Paulo, Brazil. This is ASIMOB’s first project in Brazil.

Through Computer Vision and sensors on board the vehicles of the concessionaire company, they will obtain complete and objective information on the condition of their roads, which will allow them to verify correct compliance with the requirements set by the the Road Authority and make decisions based on objective data of the status of the roads.

This project is being carried out thanks to the innovative capacity of Ecorodovias, one of the largest Brazilian companies in the field of highway concessions, in charge of managing 4,000 km of road network in the country.

Concessioned roads are the backbone of transportation in Brazil, being the most demanding roads in terms of maintenance. Having accurate information is very important to be able to manage the roads in the most efficient way. Furthermore, with the advent of driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles, all the infrastructure managers will need to monitor the physical parameters of the road, to ensure that their roads are facilitating, not hindering, the adoption of these innovations.