ASIMOB monitors the work zones on roads managed by Interbiak in Bizkaia

The work zones are the most dangerous sections of roads. The changing and more unstable signage, the narrowness of the lanes, the presence of personnel working near the vehicles that circulate… are factors that put users and workers at risk. Interbiak, a Public Company attached to the Department of Infrastructures and Territorial Development of the Bizkaia Provincial Council, understands it that way and is using the means to try to avoid incidents in those areas.

During the works of the N-634 road as it passes through the Irubide junction at Galdakao, Interbiak has incorporated the monitoring of the signaling of the work zones to the services provided by the company awarded the work: UTE Irubide. The monitoring will be carried out twice a day, during the 12 months of work, with the information captured by the devices on board the vehicles of the works company itself.

By means of Artificial Vision and sensors, the monitoring of the signaling of work zones will allow verifying compliance with the signaling procedures, as well as the detection of incidents produced in the signage such as the sign lost, the lack of visibility of some of them or the inconsistency between temporary signs and permanent signs.