ASIMOB presented the new module for automated monitoring of the status of protection barriers at the National Road Safety Conference held in Malaga from September 19th to 21st. In the following link you can see the short demonstration made in the last session of the day 20th.

The new Computer Vision model allows protection barriers to be detected, classified by type and analyzed to detect defects in them. Metal, wooden, concrete and plastic barriers can be detected.

The detection and the classification allow the creation of a map of barriers and the analysis of their suitability based on the radius of curvature of the road or the type of road. It is the right tool to automatically detect risk points where the barrier may pose a risk to the injured person.

The analysis of defects allows the automatic detection of points where the barrier may have lost its qualities due to previous blows, deformations or incorrect installation. These defects, which are difficult to detect during the visual inspection rounds, can alter the shock absorption capacity, so their fast detection and repair are key to maintaining the levels of Road Safety required on each road.