The Madrid City Council analyses the irregularities in the pavement with the ASIMOB Autonomous Road Inspector

ASIMOB has begun monitoring the condition of the pavement of the streets managed by the Department of Public Roads of the Madrid City Council in the Carabanchel neighborhood. This project will allow the City Council to detect through Computer Vision each and every one of the cracks, potholes, alligator skins, bridge joints, sewers and other elements located in the neighborhood’s traffic lanes. In addition, through the sensors on board the inspection vehicles, the City Council will obtain information on the impact of all these elements on the vehicles that drive on the streets.

This project is carried out thanks to the collaboration of two entities closely linked to the City Council:

  • Lantania, the company awarded the pavement improvement works in the Carabanchel neighborhood, which included the ASIMOB solution as an improvement in the bidding for its contract, and
  • SGS, a leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company, which develops the pavement management platform for the Madrid City Council and which will feed said platform with the data obtained by the ASIMOB Autonomous Road Inspector.

With this monitoring, the City Council will be able to objectively determine the streets in the worst condition. Using the solution on a regular basis, it will be able to analyse the evolution of the pavement of each street over time and receive warnings when a segment of pavement is deteriorating faster than the rest.