Collaboration with APNABI: the way of doing things matters

A well-developed Computer Vision model requires training based on thousands of previous images that must be correctly annotated. The task of annotating consists of framing and labeling the elements that appear in the images. The Computer Vision model, learning from these images, will be able to detect these elements...

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Connecting the disconnected: is your city on the way to being a real Smart City?

The digitization process of the different activities of the Public Administrations is allowing, among other things, to control through intelligent infrastructures those elements that keep a city in operation. For several years there have been solutions to control the water and drainage system, electrical consumption can be controlled, traffic...

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Digitization in Public Administrations is essential to achieve smart roads

During the last years there have been many projects in which the different branches of Artificial Intelligence have been developed for business and leisure uses. In the case of Augmented Reality, we have been able to see technological developments aimed at facilitating access to the product market, such as...

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