ASIMOB was selected by RAPTOR, a project financed by the EIT Urban Mobility, to face the challenge of Smart Data Collection for the City Council of Cunit.
The project allows the city to optimize the analysis and maintenance of road elements, by collecting data from police vehicles that are carrying out their ordinary work, thus avoiding the need for other vehicles or people for monitoring. During the three initial months of the project, the following has been carried out:

  • complete inventory of traffic signs
  • analysis of degraded signals and misplaced signals
  • complete inventory of road markings
  • visibility analysis of road markings
  • detection and classification of the different deteriorations of the pavement
  • detection and analysis of speed reduction elements

Given the nature of this project, the results will be disclosed together with the City Council of Cunit and the EIT Urban Mobility, at the ITS Spain congress and at different events held in Europe.