AI DATA for Smart Roads

Nowadays, there is a lack of accurate information about the state of the transportation infrastructure. Teams in charge of DoTs, maintenance service and assurance companies need objective data to better plan inversions and actions.

ASIMOB uses AI techniques and IoT devices to monitor the road conditions and detect flaws. It follows a consistent process to collect, send, process and analyze data in a back-end IT system.

The benefit

In the world we live, we end up turning a blind eye to the infrastructure flaws in transportation. Driving a vehicle, situations from bad road conditions to unforgiving weather crop up. Knowledge is limited only to what the eye can see – with a lack of credible accurate information about the infrastructure state. And teams responsible for reporting the flaws for maintenance, don’t find the right tools to detect them.

ASIMOB lets you know what is really going on by providing value information that can help improving the state of transportation infrastructures.

The concept

MOBIapp devices, composed by IoT components, sensors and cameras, are installed into vehicles to catch data as road bumps, water rafts, adherence decrease due to climatic conditions, road marking perception, traffic signals perception, luminosity detection…

MOBIsoft is the platform which compiles the data from MOBIapp, applying Data Analytics and showing valuable information to the final users. The information can be customized to company SCADAs and can be merged with other sources of information.

Data caption from devices installed into vehicles

Light and non-expensive cameras, sensors, that can be installed in trains, buses, cars, bikes, skates, almost anywhere

Capture: Geolocation; Vehicle speed; Accelerometry in three dimensions; Direction, inclination and slope of the vehicle; Degree of luminosity around the vehicle and outside temperature; Information of perceived visibility and rain detected by the user

The company

ASIMOB is a technology-based company created by a group of entrepreneurs with a large experience in high tech international companies.

ASIMOB = Advanced Services In MOBility


Headquartered in Bilbao, the R&D and commercial offices are located at the Bizkaia Science and Technology Park, in the north of Spain and close to France.