ASIMOB (Advanced Services in Mobility S.L.)  is a technology-based company created by a group of entrepreneurs with a large experience in high tech international companies.

Headquartered in Bilbao, in the north of Spain and close to France.

Born to improve the safety of the current drivers and the Autonomous Vehicles in the future. Responsibles of DoTs, maintenance service and insurance companies will obtain daily objective data to better plan actions and investments.

The benefit

In many accidents, road conditions play a relevant role, either due to problems related to adherence or to the visibility of the elements that help us when driving. In road maintenance, knowledge of poor conditions is limited to what the eye can see, with no objective information on the state of the infrastructure. The person in charge of the infrastructure was disconnected, until now, from most of the elements of the road.

ASIMOB connects DoT managers with their infrastructures, to know daily what happens and keep evidence of it.

The concept

Cost-optimized on-board equipment, which includes IoT components, sensors and cameras, are installed into vehicles to gather data such as road bumps, traffic signals perception, water rafts, road marking perception

Our cloud services compile and analyze video and data applying Computer Vision and Data Analytics. The web platform shows high added value information to the final users. The information can be customized for SCADAs and Smart City platforms and can be merged with other sources of information.

The way

For ASIMOB the way of doing things is relevant. We believe in the benefits of applying the Sustainable Development Goals.

We apply criteria for equality, diversity and recognition with personnel and collaborators, we promote services that impact positively in the Environment and we work daily for Road Safety.