Services for Smart Roads. Services for Safer Roads

We invite you to discover AI based solutions and services that provide value-added information regarding road safety conditions. The assets management service for the elements that have been controlled manually up to now.

Traffic sign status, early detection of road degradation, road work areas monitorization, alarms due to presence of water, ice or snow and other factors that are affecting the traffic conditions, can be controlled thanks to ASIMOB.


Remote monitoring of work zones signage

Verify all traffic signage is correct on road works. The system enables:
a) Remote verification of the correct installation and visibility of the traffic signage deployment.
b) Performing automated inspections as often as needed: daily, twice a day…
c) Receiving notification messages to inform of all the changes: which traffic sign, where, and the video footage.
d) Keeping digital evidence of every inspection.

Directly from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Video footage provides context-awareness to coordinate corrective actions, without the need to be physically present in the works site.

Road bumps detection

Now, the impact of the road bumps and potholes in the vehicle can be detected automatically. The road bumps application allows to check the evolution of the road surface irregularities that impact in the vehicle, with the aim of correcting risk situations before they occur. The risk situations can be early predicted.

Get objective data of road bumps & irregularities in the road surface.

Track critical areas with video evidence.

Signal map automatically created

Now, a digital traffic signs map can be automatically created. Signage map application allows the regular control of the signals and other elements on the road. The video stored evidences allows the analysis of perception of vertical and horizontal road signals.

Get an automated digital inventory and apply regular monitoring of traffic signs.

Track critical areas with video evidences.

Adherence risk detection

Now, the presence of layers of water, snow or ice can be automatically detected. The adherence application allows the detection of high risk points due to the road conditions.

Get the data of water, ice or snow presence on the road.

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