AI & IoT Solutions for Smart Roads

We invite you to discover AI based solutions and services that provide value added information regarding road safety conditions. Get automated data about how weather, road degradation,  road work areas and other fators are affecting  traffic conditions to cars, motorcycles and bicycles.

Would you like to have a system that automatically generates a map of traffic signals?

Do you know how much and where have the bumps & irregularities in the road surface affected accidents?

Which are the locations where the adherence is severely affected by the adverse weather?

Are road work zones properly indicated?

Monitorization of Special Transports

The special transport monitoring system enables the control of the course and the certification of the state of the infrastructure after the passage of the transport, just by placing cameras in the accompanying vehicle or in the special transport itself.


Signal Map Creation System

Automatic creation of a map of traffic signals and analysis of perception of vertical and horizontal road signage.

ROAD WORKS Remote Monitorization by ASIMOB

Working Areas Monitoring System

Remote monitorization of work zones

Compare two areas with GEOFENCES video App

Video with Geofences Monitoring System

The video application with geo-fences allows users to delimit areas and time periods for supervision, in order to receive videos and post-processed information from vehicles passing through those zones.

Road Bumps Detection

The road surface irregularities application enables the user to observe the road bumps and potholes and their evolution overtime.

Adherence Detection System

The adherence application detects water, ice and snow accumulation, to trigger alarms and evaluate the risks of bad weather conditions.